As we learn more about the allegations against Matt Lauer that led to his swift and abrupt termination from NBC News as host of The Today Show, a video has surfaced that sheds some light on who the man really was.

TMZ has acquired behind the scenes video of Matt Lauer on the set of The Today Show with Meredith Vieira out of the shot to his left. At one point he looks over at Meredith bending over and says "Nice sweater. Keep bending over like that. It's a nice view."

The video appears to have been captured on a DVR. Sometimes when The Today Show would cut to local weather or the local station feed, nothing would be shown locally, so you would see whatever what happening in the studio. Vieira was co-anchor on The Today Show from 2006 to 2011.


If you can't see the video,  hit the link below.

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