Tonight is the end of an era. David Letterman's last 'The Late Show' airs tonight on CBS. Maine comedian Bob Marley was on Letterman back in 1999 and brought his parents who he says almost ruined his entire set.

Bob's parents were in the front row watching their son in the spotlight of a national audience when they started to argue. Bob told the story for a David Letterman tribute on the Maine produced 'The Nite Show with Danny Cashman.'

Bob's come a long way since then, but this was the moment that really kickstarted his career in comedy. Everyone in show biz waits for that big break, and this was Bob's.

Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to Letterman this week, and tonight Jimmy Kimmel chose to show a rerun out of respect for Dave. 33 years of late night television makes David Letterman the longest running late night host ever. Enjoy retirement Dave. You will be missed.


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