While Southern Maine is getting the first real snowfall of the year today, Northern Maine has been buried under more than two feet of snow for a few days already.

The first snowfall of the year is always a pretty big deal. It's not because of the snow totals... it's because people forget how to drive and have to learn all over again every year! While New England is know for it's relatively good track record of safe winter driving, our neighbors to the North had a bit of an issue this morning!

This video, posted by Willem Shepherd in Montreal, is just downright painful (and oddly satisfying) to watch. Busses, cars and police cruisers all turned into bumper cars this morning. Busses crushed pickup trucks, emergency vehicles slid down streets, cars couldn't stop from careening into intersections... sheer madness. Hope everyone made it out of this mess safely!

Remember - when there's ice and snow, take it slow.

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