Sometimes you just need a feel good moment. And for a few minutes in Biddeford early on Wednesday, that feel good moment happened. A parade of ducks needed to cross over four lanes of traffic along Alfred Road in Biddeford and thankfully for the ducks, there were some very patient people behind the wheel prepared to wait for as long as it took.

Shared on Facebook by Karen Ramunno, take 30 seconds and watch an incredible grouping of ducks make a break for it across all four lanes. Most of the ducks traveled in two separate groups in perfect unison as drivers in all lanes quietly waited. There's a couple of moments where you hold your breath, as two ducks are unsure if they should go or wait as the second group makes their way across. The ducks decide to go for it and the drivers on the road oblige, letting them all get across safely.

We've all been on the road enough, especially busy four-lane roads in Maine, to know that this could have gone much, much differently. But for one day, it went just the way it should have. A feel good moment when we definitely could all use one.

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