It was a big weekend in Lewiston with the 28th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston and Auburn. Every year hundreds of people come out early in the morning to watch hot air balloons launch into the sky from Simard-Payne Memorial Park and soar over the skies of the twin cities. That is if they are able to stay in the air.

Rich Burton of Lewiston captured a video of the Remax hot air balloon making a very unexpected landing at the Irving convenience and gas station on Lisbon Street in Lewiston.

"Pretty sure they didn't mean to land there and get gas," Rich said as he took video of the balloon coming down to what appeared to be a gentle landing in between the convenience store and the Golden Nozzle car wash next door.

The pilot of the hot air balloon did an excellent job to keep things under control and avoiding all the nearby power lines, but as you can see in the video, there were quite a few people in the gondola. They appear to be people who paid to enjoy a balloon ride, but weren't expecting a stop at the store.

Police showed up just as the balloon was nearing the ground, probably to check on everyone and make sure they were okay.

Rich confirmed in a comment on his Facebook page that everyone on board was okay. An employee at the store told him that the balloon landed because it ran out of fuel. That's right. They were out of "gas" and landed at a gas station. Pretty sure they won't get what they need at the pumps.

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