New England Patriots fans probably didn't see this one coming. Rob Gronkowski climbed into the ring at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando.

Now before someone says, "it's fake!" we know. In fact, these days even the WWE admits that everything you see is scripted. Wrestlers are actors with some amazing physical abilities. So yes, Rob Gronkowski climbing into the ring after Jinder Mahal threw water at him was totally scripted, but it was still awesome.

The 'incident' happened during the Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal with a ring full of wrestlers trying to toss each other out over the top rope until only one remains. Gronk was there in support of his friend 'Mojo Rawley' who Gronk, for real, helped train.

Gronk climbed into the ring to deal with Mahal by getting down in a stance, gearing up with tongue hanging out of his mouth and charged across the ring, plowing into him, knocking him off the ropes and to the mat. Then he just went nuts. You expected people to start tossing him beers like in the Super Bowl parade in Boston.

So it look like that back is healing nicely huh?


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