As the school year that was anything but normal winds down for students and teachers, I think there's a collective sigh of relief for everyone on a job well done. Both students and teachers have had to learn to adapt to a new way of learning. It was different, challenging, and at times intimidating. In the end though, it went from "how are we going to do this," to "look what we did!"

The biggest thing missing was being together. Teachers missed their students and the kids missed them and their friends.

Zoom was the new tool for distance learning, and if you're old enough to remember, you probably always thought of one thing when you were on a Zoom call with nine or more people:

The Brady Bunch, which aired on ABC from 1969 to 1974 and forever in reruns is known to this day to generations for their classic tic-tac-toe like grid where the whole Brady family would look up, down, left and right at each other.

The teachers and staff at Otisfield Community School wanted to let their students know how much they missed them and how, through all the challenges, they managed to keep learning together. So they made a video with their own bunch, The OCS Bunch.

Instead of Mike and Carol though looking at their kids, it was the coronavirus looking at the teachers. Principal Jessika Sheldrick  is seen waving at the animated virus just before cutting to a shot of the entire staff singing "The OCD Bunch."

It's a great video and a clever song. Parents might have to do a little explaining to their kids on exactly where this comes from though. If you ask me, binge watching The Brady Bunch is another good education.

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