On the 41st anniversary of Elvis Presley's death, Mainers remember the show that never was. Elvis was booked at the brand new Cumberland County Civic Center for a show on August 17, 1977 but never made it after he was found dead of a heart attack the day before.

That show is actually featured in the opening of the 1981 documentary This is Elvis. Shots of Portland likely filmed in 1980 show the Portland skyline, I-295 as you cross the Fore River into Portland, The Cumberland County Civic Center set up for the concert and a Kentucky Fried Chicken somewhere that we can't seem to place. Our guess is it might have been where the Wok Inn in South Portland is. Maybe you have the answer.

The DJ for WGAN is actually legendary voice-over artist for Disney, Mark Elliott, not an actual DJ at the time. He did get his start in radio though.

If you want to rent This is Elvis, you can find it available on several streaming services.

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