Living off the grid in Maine, a teenager constructs an incredible tiny house fit with some modern day amenities. Take this amazing tour right now. 

Some of us dream of living off the grid, with no bills to pay and no bosses to answer to. Some of us actually follow through on the plan to do it. That brings us to a teenager from Maine named Jesse who has spent the past couple years living in the woods and constructing an incredible tiny house.

The video, shared from YouTube by Dylan Magaster, gives a detailed look at the exterior and interior of Jesse's tiny house. As the tour rolls on, you'll find that Jesse has done some amazing things to live with modern day amenities. He constructed a solar power system, giving him the ability to have lights, have refrigeration and use a desktop computer for work. He's built a system for his dry foods, keeping them from freezing in the winter and he's also assembled outdoor cooking implements, including a brick oven and a makeshift stove.

It all adds up to an incredible way to live. Some may note that there's a modern feel to his "off-the-grid" living, including his giant Mac desktop and load of skiing and camping gear. As he notes at the beginning of the video, he has a regular job and seemingly makes a regular income. It doesn't take away from the stunning life he's assembled.

Take the tour and ask yourself, ready to live off the land?

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