Pinball is just a game right? Yeah it is, but people like me who play it competitively sometimes forget that it's just a game. I've been known the throw a few expletives when I drain the ball, but this guy wins at losing. 

Anger and frustration are the universal language. Like this guy, I've also been known to tilt the machine when I lose a ball, especially when I'm just points away from beating someone in competition or just about to start a mode for a lot of points. Especially when the ball seems to do something the defies the laws of physics to find the drain without it even touching the flippers.

I don't know if this guy was playing a tournament or not, but I feel you dude. I really do.

Even with the frustration, pinball is a fun game to play and more and more people are getting into the competitive side of things. There are two great places to play pinball in Portland that you should check out.

Arcadia National Bar is a great place to play and have a local brew or two. They have a lineup of some of the greatest pinball machines including The Addams Family, World Cup Soccer and Lord of the Rings just to name a few.

If you're a Walking Dead fan, go to Coast City Comics on Congress Street right now!

Coast City Comics via Facebook
Coast City Comics via Facebook

The Walking Dead pinball is the newest pinball machine from Stern Pinball and it's pretty good. My hint for you to get the points: Just keep hitting the well walker and the prison walker until you start multiball and then watch the insanity.

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