How do you start off your day? Cups and cups of coffee until the jitters hit, a long and stressful commute, maybe a rushed breakfast from a fast food place? How great would it be if someone guided you through a choreographed dance routine to kickstart your day?

That's how Delaney Kasle starts off her 2nd grade students' days at James B. Longley Elementary School in Lewiston, Maine. Watch the video below as they go through their choreographed routine combining dance moves and a song pumping them up for their day. In matching yellow shirts and with all eyes on Ms. Kasle, these kids have a pretty good sense of timing and coordination!

Don't you wish you started your day off with a coordinated dance with all your friends, belting out lyrics that get you ready for your day? I know my day would go better. The comments section of her video on facebook says it all. "#Made4Ellen," wrote one friend. Here's hoping Ms. Kasle's video makes it to Ellen!

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