Perkins Township, Maine has been uninhabited since the 1940's and abandoned homes still standing there look like they're stuck in time.

The area is now known as Swan Island and can be accessed by boat from Richmond, Maine. Some abandoned buildings on this island were built as early as the 1700s after the island was abandoned in the 1940's in part due to the Great Depression and the pollution of the Kennebec River.

The island is now managed by the  Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife which offers camping, hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing from a wildlife tower between May and October, but you'll need to make reservations.

When you visit, you can walk hiking trails, bicycle over dirt roads, walk through grassy fields and bring the kids to fish in the fishing pond where fishing gear is provided.

YouTuber Dylan Magaster traveled to Swan Island to explore the island and peek in the windows of some of the abandoned building which looked mostly untouched over the years.

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