Welcome to Maine, where when police get calls of a cow on the loose they have to go try to round it up.

According to the Sun Journal, a Jersey cow got loose from a farm in Auburn after it found its way through a fence that had been damaged by the storm. It was reported walking down Park Avenue so around Travis Barnies went out to try and be a cowboy and wrangle that cow back into the pasture.

He managed to coax it almost home, but the cow was having none of getting back to pasture and it  evaded Office Barnies quite a few times.


The Auburn Police Department couldn't resist getting all punny when they shared the video on their Facebook page:

Yikes - this looks like "udder" chaos! Maybe the cow just wanted to go to the mooooovies? This farm might need to "beef" up their security. Cowabunga, Officer Barnies. Job well done.  :) (yeah, we are gonna "milk" this for all it's worth)



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