I went to a friend's wedding this weekend in Durham, New Hampshire at the Three Chimneys Inn & Tavern. After vows were recited and dinner was had, we were settling into a raucous night of dancing and going through that slightly clunky transition from the "older generation" music to the jams we young-uns get down to.

You've been there, it happens at every wedding that has a varied guest list and a dance floor - the playlist slowly transitions from "Celebrate Good Times" and "Love Shack" to "Window to the Wall" and "Nay Nay"... and there's inevitably a moment in which the great aunts and uncles accept defeat and file off the dance floor to leave it open for dougie lessons and twerking.

This time, however, one hip couple in particular decided to stick it out and claim their corner of the dance floor despite the soundtrack switching from jazz to hip hop. And I must say, their solution to the question "how does one dance to hip hop?" stole the show. Amidst cheers and laughter, they waltzed their way through Huey's "Pop, Lock & Drop It" like two winners of Dancing With The Stars.

Needless to say, I have a new goal for old age: school the kids on how to dance to their own music!

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