Over a foot of snow in your way? It's no problem if you're piloting a locomotive with over 4400 horsepower to behind it to plow right on through. It is a problem though if you're trackside as it goes by. 

On February 3rd, this Canadian National train in New Brunswick plowed through the snow left from three storms in a week. The snow is no match for the train, but I'm not sure how the engineer could see a thing with all the snow that landed on the hood of the locomotive.

How much power are we talking about in this train? Just once of these locomotives provided 4400 horsepower. Typically, three to four locomotives are lashed together which could give up to 17,600 HP assuming they are all the same model. You can only see the lead locomotive here with all the snow it's throwing out, so I guess we'll never know.

It doesn't always go as well as it did for this train. This train plow actually got stuck and there was nothing the horsepower from three locomotives could do to push the plow through this kind of snow.