We all know that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was a star football player in high school, but back when this video of his very first interview as a quarterback for Junípero Serra High School in San Mateo, California was shot, no one knew just what kind of star he would go on to become.

"They may be the names you'll be hearing about for years to come," says Dave McElhatton, legendary news anchor for San Francisco's KPIX, channel 5 as he introduces a segment highlighting some of the best high school football players in the area. Back in 1994, Tom was just 17-years-old not knowing that 25 years later, he would be sporting six championship rings.

"Everybody tells me I have a pretty strong arm, which is good. I'm pretty accurate with it," Tom says in response to a question about his strengths. Strong arm? Accurate? No kidding.

Are we the only ones that think Tom has aged very gracefully in 25 years? The dude looks almost exactly as he did when he was 17-years-old! And people say he's getting too old to play quarterback?


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