During the middle of the afternoon Friday, a lengthy freight train caused delays while passing through an intersection with malfunctioning crossing gates. 

It's always unhappy times for commuters in Portland when the railroad crossing lights start flashing and the railroad crossing gates come down. But imagine if you were a commuter on Friday afternoon on Woodford Street in Portland when neither of things happened. Yet, a train still came passing through.

Thanks to a video and information shared on YouTube, you can watch as a sprawling freight train brought Portland traffic to the point of gridlock. At the beginning of the video, you'll see the train approach the intersection at Woodford St., only to find that the lights and gates are malfunctioning. The train slows to complete crawl, while a train attendant hops off the engine and stops traffic manually as the train passed through.

Traffic in the area was at a stand still for nearly 20 minutes as the large train made it's way through the center of town. Several drivers at Woodford's corner decided to skip the delays and power through red lights at their own risk. The other set of lights and gets on Forest Avenue were apparently working just fine.


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