We know there are tons of animals out there doing their thing in the woods of Maine, but it's so fun to have an up close and personal view of their antics. Paula Parent from Bangor put together a compilation of her trail cam's sightings from 2018 and the results are heart-warming. Filled with foxes, raccoons, chipmunks, skunks and more, this video captures the playful side of Maine animals.

Watch them scamper, fight, play, roll, hunt, and fly on through this fantastic compilation. The critters span all walks of life and all degrees of suspicious - my personal favorite is when animals seem to look in the camera like they suddenly realize we're watching them. For an extra good time, tip your coworkers off to this video and listen to them inadvertently narrate the animals' voices. It's hard to resist going full David Attenborough while watching these critters do their thing!

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