Wayfair resturctured and laid off about 3% of the companies workforce, including Mainers.


According to the Portland Press Herald, 55 workers at Wayfair in Brunswick were laid off Thursday. They are the biggest employer at Brunswick Landing, where the Brunswick Naval Air Station used to be. They employ almost 500 workers.

I'm sure you've got something in your house that came from Wayfair. It's an online company out of Boston that specializes in home and office furnishings. It's a powerhouse with 17,000 employees around the world.
Wayfair Facebook
Wayfair Facebook
Despite the layoffs, Wayfair says that they are still growing and will still be hiring. The jobs that were eliminated were jobs that are no longer needed because of advances in technology.


Wayfair made headlines this summer because of a walkout with hundreds of employees. They walked after finding out that Wayfair sold more than $200,000 worth of bedroom furniture to a Texas-based government contractor that was in charges of migrant detention camps. Five employees from the Brunswick call center walked out.

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