Happy Halloween! OK, I know you still have leftovers in your refrigerator from the 4th of July, but Maine, it seems, is ready for the next big holiday. 102 days away. I guess we are just going to jump right over Labor Day and Indigenous People's Day this year. And hey, we get it. The fact that we had no Halloween to speak of in 2020 was a massive bummer. We know that for many of you, Halloween is your ChristmasNewYears4thofJulyBirthdayArborDaySuperBowl all rolled into one. So this year, it would make sense that you would start shopping for Halloween stuff in JULY.

Halloween-102 Days

Thanksgiving-127 Days

Christmas- 157 Days

Valentine's Day-208 Days

Easter- 270 Days

We found this Halloween display at the TJ Maxx in South Portland. Let the fun begin...BOO!



Halloween Decorations Are Already Up



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