I've been to Texas Roadhouse in Scarborough my fair share of times, but this past Saturday night, we had the most entertaining server we've ever had there.

I was there with my girlfriend Michele and her daughter Lily. It was Lily's idea to go to Texas Roadhouse and we were all on board. If you've never been to Texas Roadhouse on a Saturday evening, be prepared to wait. They get crazy busy. I mean wait times of over an hour, yet people will wait all that time to get a table, just like we did. It's good food at a good price and the atmosphere fits perfectly for a place called Texas Roadhouse.

Our server was named Tim and this guy was one funny dude. When Tim came over he had barely finished his greeting when he noticed Lily reaching for the drink menu and ribbed her a little for going right for that first. She immediately said, "Yes I have my ID" before being asked and Tim checked it giving her the all-clear.

Whenever we get a super friendly server when eating out, Michele gets super friendly back. She asked him where he was from and he said he was born in Maine, moved away, and came back because he had kids. He told us he lives in Dayton and let his kids know that he doesn't care who they date, but if they're from Dayton, he wants to know who they are because he needs to make sure they aren't related to him. Apologies to Dayton, but he said it, not me, and I think it's damn funny.

When it was time to pay the check, he asked if Lily was paying for it, and I grabbed it because I knew the answer, but I think Tim did too.

Not only was Tim great, but Zion who brought our food was super nice and pleasant as was Amy, the assistant manager who came over to check on us shortly after we were served to make sure everything was okay.

These three people really made an impression on me. They likely had been working their butts off for hours with a parking lot full of cars and a long line of people waiting for a table. Not to mention the people that are working for the take-out orders that have skyrocketed in number since the pandemic.

To still be friendly, have a smile on your face, and take the time to chat with your customers all while dealing with a constantly packed restaurant, is something that deserves recognition. And I'm sure that Tim, Zion, and Amy weren't the only ones working there that night that had that kind of positive attitude.

It's not an easy job, but these people pull it off beautifully and I just wanted to thank them for making our dining experience that much more enjoyable.

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