This year's Spirit Of Portland Halloween Bash will take over The Portland Expo. A building built in 1914 at a cost of $80,944.

Designed by Portland born architect Frederick A Tompson, the Expo is just one of the over 16 structures around the Portland area Tompson created.

Some people believe that The Expo was Tompson's favorite building and his spirit still walks the property to admire his work.

The Expo had it's grand opening in 1915 and has been in operation ever since with visits by The Beach Boys, Babe Ruth, Presidents John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama, Queen, James Brown, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Snoop Dogg and so many more.

We recently spent some time at The Expo to try and channel any paranormal activity. These are just a few of our findings..



Come party with us (and maybe Frederick!) at the Spirit Of Portland Halloween Bash, October 29th.

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