We love our fans on Facebook. You guys are really the best. Some though just don't have anything nice or positive to say and that's cool, but we'd be lying if we said it didn't bother us just a little bit.

Here are 5 negative comments we got on our Facebook this month that we thought we'd take some time to respond to, all in good fun. Mostly.


1. Oh boy...how many bars did Lou go to anyway for her birthday


We had to nip this one right in the bud because Lou is a pro.



2. An Astronomical Amount of Cars Were Towed In Portland During the Storm


True, but where radio DJs and when we have $83 in our pocket we think that's an astronomical amount, so you can understand our perspective from were we are.


3. NSFW: Plow Driver Lost His $#*% When This Happened at The Colisee


Well if you want to get technical, it doesn't really happen much in July. But if it did...Holy !@#$ did you F!@#(%$ see that bub!


4. You Can Only Keep One of Theses Albums From 2008


We appreciate how thrifty you are. Five Finger Death Punch > Gaga. Yes?


5. Pentatonix Is Coming to Maine

We can help you with that question. Try this.