We wanted to give six lucky Maine moms and their kids a special day together as a celebration of Mother's Day. We didn't tell the moms or kids where we were going or what we'd be doing, but they willingly piled onto a LA Luxury Limousine party bus at 7 a.m. and trusted us with their morning. After a quick drive, the kids grew restless and peeked out the windows for clues. Moms sipped their Dunkin Donuts coffee and tried to keep their curiosity in check, but we saw some of them looking out the windows, too.

When we rounded the corner on a short dirt road, it was hard to keep the secret any longer. The "secret" was running toward the bus on all four hooves wearing colorful fleece pajamas. The surprise was a morning of baby goat snuggling at Sunflower Farm and Creamery in Cumberland, Maine. We called it a Mom & Kid Playdate... Kid is also the name for a baby goat. Aren't we clever? It was a major hint in the title and no one even knew!

You can't help but smile and squeal when you see the adorably baby goats running, hopping, and playing around the barn. We all had such a lovely, memorable morning. Thank you to Hope at Sunflower Farm and Creamery for opening up the farm for a special morning.

If you'd like to snuggle baby goats, enter the raffle to win a private goat snuggling session!

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