At some point over the past weekend, the iconic Time and Temperature sign in Downtown Portland went dark. It lit back up Tuesday afternoon, but after much speculation, we may have the answer as to why it went dark for several days.

The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein sponsors the sign and uses it to promote various charities in the area, as well as their law services. We asked someone associated with Joe Bornstein and they think it is due to water damage in the building. That's nothing that has been confirmed at this time, but if repairs are underway, that would explain why the sign went dark. Water and electricity do not mix.

People in the r/portlandme subreddit had some fun speculating over what the deal with the sign was and many suggested what seemed like the obvious thing to do. "Call Joe," as the sign often says.

When the time and temp sign was dark, a big piece of Portland was missing. When you drove at night and looked at the Portland skyline, it felt like its crown was gone. All is well now, but it's amazing how much you rely on something until it's gone.

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