How would you like to get what you really want this Mother's Day..a little alone time?


Moms always carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Or maybe that's just your laundry. We know Mom that you're sneaking into the bathroom as the last place to be alone.

'Mom, you okay? You've been in the bathroom for at least an hour!'

Tell ya what, celebrate Mother's Day with the family, but plan your escape and let the Q Morning Show help. For the big day where YOU get waited on, we've got $25 to Estabrooks Nursery in Yarmouth. Grab some flowers, maybe some soil, compost, and get your hands dirty.

Plus, everyone who wins is in the running for gorgeous Sincerely Springer's White Gold and Diamond Halo earrings! 16 diamonds per earring with a total of 32 diamonds with a combined carat weight of .25cts! It's from the new exciting line of jewelry from Springers - Sincerely Springer's. These spectacular earrings are worth over 500 dollars! They're really nice!


Then, here comes the part where YOU get that much-needed time alone. We'll also throw in a family 4 pack of tickets to Funtown/Splashtown USA. They don't open until Memorial Day weekend and for extended days they open on June 17. THAT'S when you say,

Love you so much, have a great full day at Funtown! Ride all the rides 50 times! See you in the morning!


Here's where your broke best friend comes in handy. Your teenager knows that they are a pain, they know you need some time alone, they know they think of you as a bank - and now they must tell the Q Morning Show with Lori, Jeff and Brittany, WHY you need this Mother's Day gift!

Have your broke best friend call us Monday, May 2 - Friday, May 6 at 710 in the morning and tell us why their mom deserves to win this great Mother's Day prize! 

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