Another week another excuse to tie my TikTok addiction into something productive. Ladies and gentlemen, the best Maine TikToks of the week that I found so you don't have to! (But you should totally join.)

"I'm shmacked", ptaylordactyl_

I gotta be honest, I watched this multiple times and I'm still not sure if I'm impressed or horrified. I'm officially too old for college-level boozing shenanigans.

Maine Dating, beckwith207

Beckwith207 has what I like to call Big Maine Girl Energy. Mainers know that ice fishing isn't just about the catch. It's about shotgunning beers with the crew and snowmobiling around the lake. Beckwith207 took it all a step further since this was their FIRST time meeting!

Get That Chicken Leg [NSFW], cliffgelina

Hands down the funniest Maine TikTok I've seen all week. All I can really say is, well played, Cliff, well played.

Shut up Beavis, tat2in

Brain Frampton, tat2in on TikTok, is a tattoo artist at True North in Augusta and I am LOVING this Beavis and Butthead piece.

Opportunist, doubleoohspy

This guy saw an opportunity and took it. Let's hope she's got some work boots.

BONUS: New Hampshire Mom

This trend kills me every time. Parents acting like their kids and even husbands acting like their wives and vice versa. Barbara NAILED. Plus she and her daughter clearly have a ton of fun together.

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