Fourth grader Jack Aresenault wore a hot dog costume for his school picture and got Oscar Mayer's attention.

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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile will be picking up Jake and two of his friends at 5 pm next to Cabella's in Scarborough. They will leave and drive down to Smitty's in Biddeford.

If you'd like to come see the Wienermobile and show Jake and his family the love, you are more than welcome!

The picture of Jake's school ID card went viral! Thousands of people shared and giggled at the Halloween costume that he wore to school on a dare from his dad.

Jake is gonna have a blast in the Wienermobile! How many kids can say they went to the movies in a hot dog? And Smitty's was so cool, that they moved a 645 pm showing of The Addams Family to 615 pm.

I mean, it is a school night and Jake is in the 4th grade. Viral or no viral photo, ya still have to get your sleep!