Mark and Troy school us on legal weed. But Mark got so high he went to the Q Morning Show? Yup. More on that in a bit.


These two knuckleheads goof around, but always drop some good info about the topic they are diving into. First Maine legalized marijuana in 2016, but it took almost four years for Maine's government to actually put the plan into action. The first sale of legal recreational marijuana was on October 9, 2020. Of course, it was 2020. I bet that was a big day for pot in Maine.

Medical Marijuana Club Seeks Site In Fisherman's Wharf
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The boys went to Grass Roots in Portland. Listen carefully as Troy and Mark (mostly Troy since Mark only knows the word yhut) mention they went to the Q Morning Show and busted in on Lori, Jeff, and Brittany! Around the 4:15 mark.


I'll be honest - I missed him. Must've been in the bathroom. Anyway, If you are 21 or older, and have the ID to prove it, you can buy weed in Maine. State requirements say it has to be bagged and sealed before you leave the store. So, crack it open and enjoy it when you get home!

Mark and Troy (and sometimes Cousin Luke) have been all over the State of Maine. Every 'episode' is those two goofing around, yet you leave knowing something about Maine you didn't know before!

Inside scoop: Troy and Mark are actually Portland comics James Theberge and Ian Stuart. Wicked pissah!

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