Charlie has been growing prize pumpkins for years, and he just won the top prize at the Cumberland County Fair!

Charlie Lopresti
Charlie Lopresti

That giant pumpkin weights 664 pounds and is a gorgeous orange! It came in first place in the giant pumpkin contest at the Cumberland County Fair.

This isn't Charlie's first rodeo, as he's been growing giant gourds for years! He loves it and sometimes he says they can grow as much as 50 pounds a day! Yes...50 pounds a day!

This pumpkin is special though, as it weights 664 pounds and still kinda looks like a pumpkin. A lot of times, when you grow giant pumpkins the color can be anywhere from pink to a light green. This maintained that awesome pumpkin orange.

It may not be the biggest pumpkin Charlie has ever grown (he grew a 1332 pound pumpkin at the fair 7 years ago!) but it's one of his nicest looking ones.

That's because he shares seeds. It's a thing. And he loves helping people grow their own giant pumpkins. Want some of Charlie's seeds? Just email him! He would love to help you!

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