Would you believe that it's a good thing?


Here's a hint at what happened to that car.


This is a car that the South Portland Professional Firefighters of Local 1476 practice life saving techniques on. You've heard of the jaws of life, well, let's hope you never need them. But should you be in an accident in South Portland, they have some pretty spiffy equipment to save your life. The old 'jaws of life' was a big hydralic piece of equipment that had limited mobility and had to be close to whatever they were trying to open.

But in South Portlalnd, they have battery powered portable sweet pieces of equipment. One opens metal (jaws of life style) and the other is like a huge, but portable, cutter. Battery operated changes the game and let's them get to areas quickly to help someone in need.

But of course, the smashed up cars were the coolest to see, because what fun to smash up a car.


The South Portland Professional Firefighters of Local 1476 are not only amazing at their job, but very involved in the community and always giving back. Next time you see a firefighter, please give them a socially distanced thank you!



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