This is what happens when you let Lori drive a giant piece of equipment for the very first time!


Let me do some explaining. Precision Collision in Limerick had a 'charge' of bottles and cans for Cans for a Cure. They had this:

Definition of charge

1a obsolete :a material load or weight


I showed up in this:


So, Gumby (Matthew Baron's nickname) and I decided I would see him the next day. He said I could drive the fork lift to get these giant bag thingys into the truck.

What? Really...yup. I loaded all 11 bags into the truck! Want proof? Of course you do....


I was very proud of myself and pretty much figured I had all large equipment mastered. That's when Gumby said,

Wanna dig a hole with the excavator?


He told me where his septic was and sent me on my merry way. I had a blast.


I loved every minute I spent up in Limerick with Gumby and the gang. I even picked up pizza (they bought) and we chatted over some slices of pie and talked and talked and talked.

That is until he let me loose and I dug a hole that he had to fix.

Thank you Precision Collision for all that you gave for Cans for a Cure. I really had the time of my life.


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