Tourists and residents are fed up with a putrid, almost unbearable smell at Pine Point in Scarborough.

The obnoxious odor is being caused by red Asian algae in the seaweed that washes up on shore according to an article from WGME.

The town of Scarborough clears the seaweed from the beach twice a week, but due to "a conservation easement" at one section of the shore not all the seaweed can be removed. The public works department says it's working with the state to remove all of the seaweed and the smell.

The article says the smell is driving away business to the beach because people don't want to breath that stench and don't want their children swimming in it.

This is not a new thing at Pine Point, but in the past the "red tide" only lasts a couple weeks. This year it has been lingering for about 6 weeks.



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