You've been warned. If you aren't caught up on The Walking Dead episode 6 of season 6 that aired on November 22, then stop right now because it's about to get heated here.



Here we go...



Glenn should be dead.

There I said it. Glenn should be little bits of zombie nuggets. Torn limb from limb, left with his guts spilling out waiting for his turn to become a walker. Too harsh? I don't think so.

Here's another major spoiler if you haven't read the comic book that I have been a fan of since before the TV show aired. Glenn has been dead for a while in the comics. He died a brutally horrific death at the hands of a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat swung by Negan, a villain that made The Governor look like Mickey Mouse.

But that's only one reason why I think Glenn should be dead. Paul Vigna of the Wall Street Journal posted a take on Glenn's death/not death scene and how he couldn't possibly have survived. He pretty much took the words out of my mouth.

Now, let’s get this out of the way up front: I was wrong. I said that, no two ways about it, he was dead. Clearly wrong. Yet, this is one windmill I can’t help but tilt at: Glenn surviving is not believable. It is not believable that he was pushed off the dumpster with his head pointed away from it, and landed with his head right next to it. It is not believable that two men landed in a clutch of dozens of walkers, one was torn to shreds and the other was not harmed at all. It’s even less believable when you see how much of his body was exposed to the walkers. I’m starting to feel like Annie Wilkes, because there’s no way Glenn made it under that cockadoodie dumpster.


I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking he should be dead. My friend Joe Lemire posted on Facebook in outrage as well.

How the hell does that leave his head facing the dumpster?!

Exactly. Let's say you fall with a buddy six feet into a pit full of a hundred hungry, man-eating lions who immediately start devouring your friend who is on top of you. You miraculously land with your head facing a small gap in the wall and you are able to slowly slip your way through that gap without a claw mark or bite? Not to mention you landed on your back on pavement or some other very hard surface. You probably aren't going to be moving too easily, especially with the weight of a sack of lion food on top of you. Not happening. You're dead and you're coming back to eat as many people as you can before someone jams a knife into your skull through your eye.

Take a look at the scene again and tell me how he could possibly escaped this totally unscathed.



Glenn fans are rejoicing, but I don't think he's safe. They just cast the role of Nagen, the bat wielding baddie who bashed Glenn's brains into a pulpy mush in the comic.

Watch your back Glenn. You were lucky once. I don't think you will be again.

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