One of the things I love most about going to the movies is watching the trailers before the feature. I noticed something as I was watching the trailers before Bohemian Rhapsody this week that made me wonder what happened to movie trailers?

Remember when movie trailers had voiceovers? What happened? The typically male, big, booming voice would explain the plot to you as you watched scenes from the movie. The late Don LaFontaine was the best in the business. For years, he was THE go-to guy with his signature "In a world..." openings to the trailers of so many blockbuster movies.There's no doubt you recognize his voice.

LaFontaine died in 2008, but even before his death, the voiceover in trailers was on the decline and today it's non-existent. It seems that movie studios are letting the movie speak for itself.

Take for example the original trailer for Star Wars in 1977. It starts with lots of action, but a voiceover comes in to help build the excitement.



30 years later, The Last Jedi goes without.


So it appears the movie trailer voiceover has become a lost art, one that I miss.


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