Have you already picked out your Halloween costume? If you picked Maine's most popular costume, don't be surprised to see 12 other people dressed like you at the party.

All Home Connections and CutCableToday.com crunched the numbers to find the most popular costume in each state. They took last year's Google list of the most popular costumes and took a look at Google trends to come up with the most popular costumes for this year.

Maine's most popular costume isn't anything trendy like in other states. Not Pennywise the Clown or a character from Stranger Things. It's not a superhero or a Star Wars character. It's not even one of those inflatable T-Rex costumes.

This is Maine's most popular costume:


Yep. An angel. Pretty boring if you ask me.

Are you going as an angel? There's still time to change your mind before The Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash fills the Expo Saturday night with them. Get your tickets now.

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