And are the Fred ones related?

Talk about your random things. Taking the Clynk bag in for return at the Hannaford on Forest Avenue (even though I don't live in Portland, that's MY Hannaford). Anyway, in the Clynk area of the parking lot they have those big green barrier things.

I noticed that one of them had a Rick Moranis sticker on it.


Come to find out these stickers are popping up all over town. So much so there's a thread on Reddit about it! Some think it's MECA kids 'expressing themselves' or maybe the shrunken kids putting up billboards.

Here's where the mystery takes a weird turn. There are also blue stickers with Fred on them showing up around the same time.

So - some theorize that this is some weird tribute to the horrible 1994 movie Rick Moranis was in...'The Flinstones'. Some think that's what the Fred is...Fred Flinstone.

Whatever the connection, the good news is that Rick is loved and there are worse stickers out there. Is this the 2021 version of being Rick Rolled?

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