Here is a real problem that we are not addressing, while natural selection is running its course, and we are stuck in our homes, so frantic for stimulation and interaction, we forget that sometimes you need to stand still.

I know you just read that and think I am a fruit loop but hear my out.

Wealthy, Middle Class, or Poor, we are all facing the same issue at the same time.

This global event has stopped the planet from spinning, and for the last week and a half, people at least here in New England are saying, "when will this all be over?!"

We could call the number and speak to the coronavirus' manager, but I heard she is not available at this time.

I propose we take these days to evaluate who we want to be as individuals or rest and recharge to save our strength for the more significant task ahead. People are losing money, work even businesses during all of this; however, those problems are not going away overnight, so please breathe.

I say this as a guy who has been unemployed twice in the past three years, do not be so hard on yourselves during this time we are all in this boat together, let's chill for a minute, breathe, and when the storm is over, start rowing.

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