Mainers love music.

Whether it’s at the local watering hole listening to a cover band rock the 90s or seeing your favorite artist live at the State Theater, there is always something going on and music to be enjoyed.

As the doors of the office close on a weeknight and you wobble through the cobble back to your car in Portland, you can hear music echoing off the boats in the wharf no matter the day of the week.

Where’s it all coming from?

More often than not, I am in the mood to listen to a live set. I hit up shows at Portland House of Music, I grab a beer at a pub with a cover band, and I dance to the free summer concerts at Thompson’s Point. I am always on the lookout for music to tap my toes to and especially a live band where I can see the talent right before my eyes.

Summertime in Maine is a beautiful time to get together, bask in the sun on a patio, sip on a sweaty cold beer, and listen to songs old and new. To help us all out and to know where to go, I’ve pulled together a list of places around southern Maine where you can listen to music every day of the week. Some places rock out on weekends and others offer a live set every single day.

Sing along to the cover bands and check out new local artists at our killer venues. No matter your preferred mode of music, Maine’s got you covered.

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