The Portland single-sort recycling drop off on Commercial Street sees its fair share of traffic. In addition to being a place to recycle your waste it also can be a dumping ground for things people just don't know how to dispose of. Anything they can't figure out how to sort ends up on on the ground in hopes that someone might actually want it.

There have been toilet seats, old furniture, appliances, all things that shouldn't be left at the drop off, but believe it or not some people actually find something they could use. It wasn't its intention, but the drop off at times is like a free yard sale.

This item was spotted on the ground at the drop off recently and it makes us wonder who would dare take it.

Timothy Davidson
Timothy Davidson

For lack of a better word, these are dump pickles. Looks like someone did some canning and had way to many pickles so decided to leave them for any pickle lovers that might like to grab them off the ground. Would you?

If the pickles aren't of interest, it looks like a fine toilet seat and lamp are there in the background. Or is that a mirror? Grab them while the grabbing is good and let us know how the pickles were.

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