WHAT IS THIS? Pats fans on their way into the preseason game against the Eagles on Thursday night will have to swallow a bitter pill when they drive by this billboard right near Gillette Stadium:


I mean this is just gross. And incredibly low-class. An Eagles fan won a bet with a co-worker this summer. If she could get a bunch of likes on a tweet, the Patriots-loving co-worker would have to buy her a billboard trolling our beloved Patriots. Hey, I guess we should feel lucky...the original billboard was a picture of Brady fumbling in the Super Bowl. Luckily, the Pats wouldn't allow it and they had to go with the current design.



I mean, really?  You know what Eagles Nation. After you win FIVE SUPER BOWLS then you can put up your damn billboard. GO PATS!!


Gina Lewis Twitter
Gina Lewis Twitter

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