Honestly...why are people a-holes?


It's a pretty easy concept. Slower traffic - keep right.

On Route 26 there are like seven of these areas from Gray to Bethel. These are always on hills, probably for trucks to move over so we can get by.

But I swear, if there is a slowpoke and they do move over...all of a sudden, they floor it and try to race you. As if to say, 'You're not getting by me you bastard!'




It has happened to me a million times and I've seen it happen a million times.

Just get over. If you are moving right along and ready to pass, then pass. But until then, just stay to the right. And if you do move to the left to pass, then pass. If you see that it's harder than you thought, move the hell back to the right.

I honestly don't know if it's just built into us to NOT let someone pass or what - but it's ridiculous.


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