The QMS could stop by your place with pizza, boneless buffalo wings, whoopie pies from Sam's Italian, One lucky winner gets a 65" smart TV - all in 60 seconds!


The :60 party is back and this time, the Q Morning Show is invading your home on big game Sunday! Sam's Italian Foods is back, too, with food for the party!

Sam's Italian Foods

Oh, you'll want to get in on this. We come to your home on Sunday, February 3, with all you need for a fun party (don't worry, we'll get there well before the game). We will bring:

  • 2 pizzas from Sam's Italian Foods
  • 2 boneless buffalo wings from Sam's Italian Foods
  • Whoopie pies from Sam's Italian Foods
  • Confetti (get your vacuum ready)
  • A football we will be tossing around
  • Pom poms and lots of annoying cheering (but only a minute of it)


The Q Morning Show will go to 3 houses! But wait, there's more.....

One lucky winner will be upgraded to also win a BIG SCREEN TV!

This is a TCL 4K UHD smart TV. It delivers lifelike color and detail to the large 65-inch screen, making it ideal for viewing live-action sports. Easily find your favorite content with the Roku TV remote that comes with this TCL 4K UHD smart TV, or download the smartphone app.

Thanks to Warner Brothers Records.

Sound like a fun big game Sunday? Of course it does! So tell us - why do you want us to invade your home...for a full 60 seconds?