Our studios at One City Center have a beautiful view of downtown Portland. It also attracts seagulls who seems to not want us to enjoy that view.

Take a look at what we saw when we came in this morning.

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That is a s--- ton of seagulls s--- on our kitchen window. Can that all be from one bird?

Judging by the splat pattern, it has to be a flyby. Here's a look at the window from the outside.

Townsquare Media

There's no real perch above the windows to make a s--- splat like that. This was a dive bombing seagull attack!

We should consider ourselves lucky, as we actually had a member of our sales staff get s--- bombed by a seagull while walking into the building. She was covered so much she had to turn around and go home to shower and change her clothes.

Be warned if you walk around downtown Portland that you do so at the risk of being a victim of a seagull bombing.