As a man, I feel your pain ladies. The males in your home are probably a complete mess in your bathroom, but I'm here to confirm, they are even worse in the men's room.

I've probably been in hundreds of public restrooms in my lifetime and I see it in every one I go to. I'd like to preface this by saying I am probably one of the cleanest men you'll ever meet while in the bathroom. I have NEVER done any of these things I've seen in the men's room.

1. No flush

Really? You're so lazy that you when you're done doing your business you can't grab that handle and push it down, so when I go in to do my business I can tell what you had for lunch? Gross dude. At least with the invention of automatic flushing, this isn't as bad as it used to be.

2. Peeing on the seat

This is a common occurrence in the men's room as well, but there's one big difference here than what you have at your home. There are urinals. However some men are so self conscious peeing next to someone that they refuse to use them. Sure, sometimes they're all taken, but I've been washing my hands and a man walked right into a stall, peed into the standard toilet with the urinals not being used. I don't know what they're so freaked out about by using a urinal, but if you insist on peeing in the standard toilet, step one is putting the seat up.

3. Not washing your hands

I'm in a stall doing my business. I hear a man walk in who actually uses the urinal. He then flushes and walks out. Gross.

4. Underwear

I can't make this up. More than once, I've seen a pair of underwear left on the toilet. Usually I don't understand this except for, and brace yourself for this one, I noticed a pair were soiled. Hey accidents happen, but why would you want to leave the evidence behind?

So next time the males in your house make a mess of your bathroom ladies, don't think you're alone. They're disgusting in EVERY bathroom they use.


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