It was HOT in Northern New England yesterday! It kinda felt like August, didn't it? It was so hot, that we actually broke a high temperature record here in Portland.

According to, a website that provides historical weather data, we easily beat a 69 year old record for high temperature on October 10. The previous record for the day, set all the way back in 1949, was 81 degrees. With a high of 84 in Portland yesterday, it was the hottest 10/10 on record!

It wasn't the hottest October day ever, though. There are several dates in October that have a record high of 85, and it even hit 88 on October 7th, back in 1963.

So what's the record low temperature for Portland for October 10th? It was 23 degrees on that date, also in 1963. So that means in October of 1963, the temperature swung from 23 to 88 in just three days. Wow!

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