Q97.9 is giving away four $100 gift cards to Food City to stock up your refrigerator for the 4th of July weekend. To win, you just need to send us a picture of your fridge through the Q97.9 mobile app and you're in the running.

It's not to late to enter. Hit this button below for the details.

We've gotten a ton of entries so far and I wanted to share a few and judge what I see. Keep in mind, your fridge isn't be judged to win a $100 Food City gift card. Everyone that enters has the same chance to win in a random drawing. I'm just judging you for what's in it. Let's go!


Shannon - Turner

This is a ridiculous amount of organization Shannon. Everything clearly has its spot. The eggs are all together, the milk and juice has its place and look at the fancy holder in the door for water bottles. You aren't messing around here!


Michelle - New Gloucester

Michelle, you really like Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce don't you? I had no idea they even sold it in containers that big! (Bottom shelf on the door in case you're looking for it.) Also, the 1970s called and wants their Fresca back.



Lynzie - Topsham

I just have one question Lynzie. How did your cat learn to open the refrigerator door?


Lynn - Lisbon Falls

Regular milk on the left because it does a body good. Chocolate milk on the right for when you just don't care. And they're perfectly complimented with Fritos cheese in a can in the center. Well played Lynn.


Laurie - Wells

Not a lot to choose from here Laurie unless you're thirsty. What's for dinner? A block of cheese sprinkled with cherry tomatoes, a little butter and a nice white zinfandel to wash it down with.


Katie - Livermore Falls

Our bad Katie. We forgot to specify we want to see the INSIDE of your refrigerator. I think you're just flexing the Cadillac of fridges here, and who could blame you?


Deserie - Poland

We hope the test goes well Deserie.


Christine - Livermore

I'm guessing you live alone Christine?


Autumn - Bath

Bud Light tall boys. Nice. I question what's in the big red bowl though Autumn. Besides the eggs, and the mystery meat (?) in the bag in the center, it seems to be the only thing that might be food. However it looks more like you're storing tools in there.