Well this is pretty incredible! Mount Washington has been known as a spot that's recorded some of the highest wind speeds in the world. In fact, it held the world record, at 231 mph in April of 1934, until that record was broken in 1996 in Australia (according to Wikipedia). And over the weekend, we saw once again how powerful those winds can get on the Rock Pile. During an incredible wind storm on Saturday morning, the Mount Washington Observatory recorded a wind gust at 148 mph, which is the highest wind speed recorded there in over a decade! The last time the wind was that strong was on April 16th, 2007 with a 156 mph gust. Can you imagine trying to stand up straight in winds that heavy? I'm sure it'd be pretty tough.

The folks at the Mount Washington Observatory do such amazing work. They post stunning photography from high atop the mountain on their Facebook and Instagram pages. You should check them out!

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