There's nothing better than being a kid during the summer and playing on a playground. Unless, of course, it's a BRAND NEW playground, and then that's the ultimate. And that's what the kids in Windham have with a beautiful new playground in Dundee Park. The Grand Opening of the park was this past weekend to rave reviews by kiddos and parents alike.

Dundee Park is a great public facility on Dundee Pond. If you are in the area, it's a must-do for the summer.  From the Windham Parks and Recreation site:

Dundee Park is a wonderful resource for the residents of Windham, particularly those with small children. The park has an attractive beach and picnic area with outdoor grills located in a picturesque and unspoiled site along the Presumpscot River. The sheltered spot and calm water make it an ideal spot for young children to play and swim and for neighbors to meet and socialize. Basketball and volleyball courts are also on the premises.


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Admission to Dundee Park is $5 for Windham residents and only $6 for non-residents. Kids of Windham are 3 bucks and non-resident kids 4 bucks. Especially for you all with little ones! This is a cheap place to go for a wonderful day on the water.

The playground equipment of today sure beats what we grew up with. The Dundee Park playground puts our old teeter-totters and merry-go-rounds to shame!






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