When I register my car each year, I always put my registration year stickers on my plates like a lot of Mainers do. But this year I decided it was time for a reset.

Are you like me and place the new year registration sticker over the old one and let those things build up year after year? I think most of us do, but I thought it was time to peel off the thick stack of stickers on my plates when I registered my car this week. That's when I found out just how deep they go.

This is what I found at the bottom of the stack on my back plate.

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10 years worth of stickers! But wait. The front plate is the winner.

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20 years of stickers on the plate!

Now you may be saying to yourself, how in the hell do you have 20 years of stickers on your license plate? How old is your car?

My car is a 2015, but whenever I get a new car I transfer the plate to it. Also, my license plate number has been in my family for three generations and I inherited it 2012, so that 2000 sticker had to be put on there by my Dad.

I know I'm not the only one who does this. How deep are the stickers on your plates?